Thursday, 5 November 2015


“ Let go Pt England” I heard someone yell. Waiting on the volleyball court for the game to start. I had a really big feeling that we were going to win. Standing in the front row. I heard the siren go off. “ All girl teams please start when the whistle blows.

SMACK!! Went the ball. As I saw the ball go over my head. I was thinking to myself “ If it comes to me should I hit it or not. Standing there with my hand shaking I knew that the ball was coming my way. So I put my hands together and hit it. “ Whew” I said to myself.

Waiting for the ball to come my way. I heard one of the girls say “ Seattle” So she hit it up and then someone else hit it. I stood in shock. Watching the ball go high up in the air. I knew it wasn't going go over. So I quickly jumped up and spiked it over. “ Yay” said the team. Waiting for the second whistle to go for swap over. I was jogging on the spot. “ Let’s go Pt England. You can do this”  said someone the sideline.sideline. Wooooooooo!! went the whistle.

“Swap over” said the referee. While we were swapping over our coach Timmy was telling us to us the dig when their spike it. So the whistle blew. I could see everyone getting nervous because we were losing by
2 point. “ We can do this girl” said Timmy. Standing there in our ready position. I had a really big feeling that we can do this. SMACK!! Went the ball.

Once I let go of the ball I saw that the girls on the other team. Weren't gonna hit. So we got on point. The I did it again and their didn't get. So I jumping around happy because we were betting them. As I was jumping around I saw that the ball was coming my way. So I got ready. As I smacked the ball I saw that the referee was just about to blow her whistle. So I quickly went back into my piston.

Waiting for the ball to come over. I was telling the girls that we were gonna win. So we got ready. As the ball flew over our heads. I had a feeling that no one was gonna hit it. So I ran over to it and just made it. Then the ball went over and then someone smack high. So I ran up to the ball and spiked it. WOOOOOO!! Went the whistle.

“ Yay we won”  I shouted. Feeling so cocky. I went to do our cheers. Walking over to our bags. I was jumping up and down. “ Yay you girls were awesome” said Timmy.