Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Rock Paper Scissor

Today after Lunch my Math class
played Rock Paper Scissor.
We played Rock Paper Scissor.

Here is the score. As you can see I am coming first and then rave is coming in last.                                     

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Kelly Tartolns

On July the 1st team 5 went to Kelly tarltons for our first trip this year. We learn all about Antarctica.

Walking in to Kelly Tarltons we stop right next to the counter and got in to our teams with the Parents.  My Parent was Gloria`s uncle.

When we entered the first part of Kelly Tarltons  we could see a lot of things that you could have in Antarctica. Like our food where we sleep and what to wear in that freezing place.

When I was walking I could see this weird thing it look like a Penguin skeleton. So I just look at it and it really did look like a Penguin. So I said “ Gloria look a Penguin Skeleton and she said” That does look like a penguin”

So we carried on to the next thing which I think was the best the Turning Tunnel. When I was standing there I felt like the whole place was turning around. But it wasn't it. It was the tunnel.

So I said “ Ohh my gosh I am getting out of here and see the Penguins. When I saw the Penguins I felt so EXCITED. This was my first time in the world to see a Penguin.

I saw two kinds of Penguins which was the Gentoo Penguin and the King penguin.
I thought the King Penguin was a Adelie Penguin. But really is isn't it. So I went on a I saw one of the Penguin doing a dance so I quickly ran over to and took a video.

Once I took the video it stop and then ran over to my netbook and look at it and started following the netbook. So I went up and down, side to side and it stilled followed it.  

My Book Review

Title: Skater Chicks

Author: Jacqueline Arena

Characters (Jules and Rosa )

Setting (Skate Park. The story was set in the Skate Park. It was set there because there love Skating )

What was the problem? Rosa taught Jules how to Skate on a real saket board.

What was the solution? There both went to the skate park and started skating with friends.  

Was there a plot twist? no they was not a plot twist

My favourite part of the book was? It was when Rosa  
went to the skate park and showed Jule cool skate tricks.   
If I could change the ending it would end like this? I wouldn't change the book because it is good how it is.

Would I read this book again? yes

Illustrate your favourite scene in the story. (Tux Paint)