Monday, 15 April 2013

Emma the elephant saver

    Emma the elephant saver!!!!!!

Hello everyone, have you ever seen an elephant suck on a power
line?  Well a girl named Emma has.

On one cold and cloudy day Emma was sitting down on her couch listening to her ipod. Well when she was listening to her ipod her mum said “ Emma can you go to the shop get some bread and milk” So she got up pulled her shoes on and went walking.

When she was walking to the shop she saw a little baby elephant stuck on the powerlines. So she walked to the shops and got her the bread and milk.

When she was walking back she she an adult  underneath the powerline crying for it`s baby. So then she ran back home as fast as she could and told her mother that there is a baby elephant up on the powerline and the mother is crying for her.

So then she called the zoo and told them about the elephants. So the zoo keepers a said” We will get dear in a flash” “ Okay then but hurry up because rain is going to pour down. So then they came to our house and asked her if she can go with them to show them where the elephants were. So emma went on the van and showed them where there were.

So there called for a fire energy to get the baby elephant. So when the fire energy came they got the ladder and put it up and got the baby elephant down. So then there put the elephant down and pasted it in a really big box with his mother next to him.

So then the next day the zoo came back to her house and asked her if she wanted to be in the newspaper and she said”YES PLEASE!. So then they went to the zoo and took a picture of her and the elephants.

So when she came back home she saw herself on the newspaper.   


Thursday, 11 April 2013

Brooke`s Calf

Brooke`s Calf
By: Jill MacGregor

Main Characters:
Brooke, Fin

At a farm

Every Tuesday morning farmers bring their animals to sell at the saleyards in levin.

No Problem

She found a healthy little calf.

When her calf grows up into a cow she will  take  the calf to  the show day .

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

My Fiafia Group

         Maori Group

On every Mondays and Thursday my group the maori group has fiafia practice. My mum is our tutor. We call her Whaia Sophie. We are the first group to perform. Because the kapa haka group always welcomes people.

We do four songs. The first songs is for welcoming people in, the other one is a girl haka, the other one is the boys haka and the last one is for welcoming the little ones on the stage. We had a lot of practice.

Our group wears maori customs like a dress, a feather in our hair and even a moko. On Fiafia night my group has to come at 6:00 because put mokos on. I can't wait until Fiafia.       

Thursday, 4 April 2013

My Easter Weekend

On Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday was our school holiday. My family had a Easter hunt on Sunday. We had to find we had to find eighty Easter eggs. All my brothers found 6, 7 ,8 all 2. Well I found ten.

Well we were hunting my mum said “ There is a special prize somewhere by the trees” While my brothers were looking for more eggs I was looking for the special prize. I lookes by the Grapefruit tree, by the orange and by the avocado tree.

So I sat down and had a think about all trees by the house. While I was thinking my brother said “ Mum look there is a peach” So I thought and said “ The peach tree” So I ran as fast as I could and I found a basket with a tea towel over it.

So I looked under the tea towel and screamed “ My I found it” My mum said “ What is it” I said “ IT A KITTEN”  So I pick her up and took her inside. My mum said “ Go on then give her a name” I said “ Girl because her dads name is man and her mum's name is mama so her name is girl.

So I carried of finding for the rest of the easter eggs. I looked behind the trees, behind the house and even inside. While I was looking for the eggs I looked down and saw a egg by the fence. It was the biggest egg I ever saw.

After the hunt my family got to eat a eggs We had heaps of eggs. But I had the most. Well we were eating our eggs my mum told us not to hold the kitten all else it will get sick.
While we were eating my big brother was eating he saw on egg  the fireplace. I looke by the fireplace and saw. So I stood up and went to grab.

I just grabbed it but then he push me over. But my mum told him to give it to me. So then he gave it to. But I said “ You can have it because you are the oldest. So then we ate all of our eggs. That the the bestest easter I ever had.           

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

My Easter Holiday Wordle

Here is the things I got and to do on my Easter Hoiday