Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The last days of school ..............

At school things are changing because there are kids moving to different classes. This year room 16, 17 and 18 are moving to the new classes on the filed. Some of the year 8 and 7s are helping there teacher to move there stuff to they new classes.

Some classes are playing outside because there class is going to have new people in there. I hope that next year I will be in one of the classes on the field. I can`t wait to see what 2014 at school will look like.

My Netbookl nReflection 2013

I have learned to use my docs, netbook and even knew how to re imagine my own netbook.. I hope next year I will learn how to make better progress in maths, reading and writing.
In the past term I have learn to use Minecraft, solve decimals and solved multiplication and division problems all by myself. I hope that next year I will learn more from my teacher and online.

This year I learn a lot from my friends like our prizegiving dance, learning new strategies and playing new game together. I hope next we
will all learn more things next year. I love learning from my family as well. When I am stuck on my work or I am angry my family always help me try and try harder.

This year I taught some year 6 and 5s how to use there chromebook and netbook.. I taught some kids to be respect and co-operate together. This year i have learn a lot of the internet. This year I have learn to use the tamaki college library.   

Monday, 2 December 2013

Adventure Time

 Here is a little presentation about Adventure Time. I hope you enioy.