Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The last days of school ..............

At school things are changing because there are kids moving to different classes. This year room 16, 17 and 18 are moving to the new classes on the filed. Some of the year 8 and 7s are helping there teacher to move there stuff to they new classes.

Some classes are playing outside because there class is going to have new people in there. I hope that next year I will be in one of the classes on the field. I can`t wait to see what 2014 at school will look like.

My Netbookl nReflection 2013

I have learned to use my docs, netbook and even knew how to re imagine my own netbook.. I hope next year I will learn how to make better progress in maths, reading and writing.
In the past term I have learn to use Minecraft, solve decimals and solved multiplication and division problems all by myself. I hope that next year I will learn more from my teacher and online.

This year I learn a lot from my friends like our prizegiving dance, learning new strategies and playing new game together. I hope next we
will all learn more things next year. I love learning from my family as well. When I am stuck on my work or I am angry my family always help me try and try harder.

This year I taught some year 6 and 5s how to use there chromebook and netbook.. I taught some kids to be respect and co-operate together. This year i have learn a lot of the internet. This year I have learn to use the tamaki college library.   

Monday, 2 December 2013

Adventure Time

 Here is a little presentation about Adventure Time. I hope you enioy.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Camp Bentzon

Here is a presentation about Camp Bentzon

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Jimmy and Milly the Spirit

Writing:  Working so hard on his farm. Jimmy felt a little sweat come down his face. “Are you alright out there”  shouted his wife margaret. “Yes my dear” replied Jimmy. So he carried on with his job. Looking over at the other side of his farm Jimmy could see this spirit. This spirit use to live in Jimmy`s old house. Her name was Milly. She passed away at the age of 79.
Milly loved her farm. She lived with her husband Greg and her daughter Lilly`

Here is my Rubric

Monday, 14 October 2013


Where could a farm be ?                                                What is a good time to farm ?

Why do cows it down when it rains ?                             How do we know when to feed the animals ?

Why are animals so important ?

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Rhyming Couplets

A couplets is a two line poem. The last word of each lines rhymes.

Walking into the garden I pick up a carrot and munching so hard I saw a parrot
Flying so high I saw a parrot so I look at it it had my carrot.

Look there is a tree and ahh there was a bee.
Look a bee and wow look at  that tree.

Look so red mum told me to get to bed.
Lying in my bed my came in and said “ Look Rose  your red”

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Goldilocks and the three beras

Once upon a time there lived a bear family. In their family there was a large papa bear, a middle sized mother bear and last but not least a little baby bear. Large papa bear is polite to his neighbours and mother bear teaches her neighbours how to make new recapiecies and baby bear is just a bully at school. He is a naughty naughty bear. When it was the afternoon mother bear was making a delicious pudding for her and baby bear and papa bear. It was too hot so they decided to let it cool down and see the beavers family's new baby. When they had lifted a little girl called goldilocks was picking flowers outside of the bears family’s cottage. She said in her head, “what an ugly cottage the bear family has”. She peeked inside and saw the pudding on the kitchen table. The pudding had cooled down so goldilocks tasted everyone of the bear family’s pudding. She tasted  papa bears but it was too large for her so she moved on to mother bears but it was also a little big so she tried baby bears and it was just right.
She also tried their chairs but it was like the pudding but she had broken baby bear's chair.
After that she had followed asleep on baby bear bed. When the bear family had arrived at their cottage they saw the mess that goldilocks had made. They went up stairs and saw her sleeping but when she woke up she had run off but baby bear said, “It’s alright I forgive you for the mess you made”. So  goldilocks and the bear family lived happily ever after. The End.

The moral of the story was to forgive people who does the wrong things and to not break into there stuff.

The boy who cried wolf

Once upon a time there once live a shepherd that didn`t like his job. All day he will sit down on a chair looking out to his father's sheep and feeling the fresh air blowing into his face. This sheperd would be play with his friends, running and making boyish mischief. While they were working he said to his father“ Can`t the sheep look after themselves, after all they know how to bleat and munch up grass.
But his father said it was very important work to do. But most importantly he has to keep his eyes peeled for the wolf, in case he came sneaking into the fields and grabbed one of the spring lambs. So all day and night the shepherd will look out into the fields for the wolf. So that means he doesn't have any of his sleep.  

So then the next day the shepherd wanted to trick all the villagers. So he got up at 2pm at night  and ran as fast as he could into the village shouting out at the top of his voice “ Wolf ! Wolf WOOOOOOOOOOLF ! So  all the villages woke up and grabbed sticks, rolling pins and pitchforks and came running into the fields. “ Where is it.” said one of the villages. So the shepherd said “ I was just joking.” So all the villages went home.   

So then the next day the shepherd woke up at 2pm and cried out “ Wolf Wolf WOOOOOOOOOOOLF. So all of the villagers can out with some rolling pins and pitchforks. “ Where is, Where is the wolf, Don`t lie” said the villagers. Then the shepherd said “ I was joking again.”

So then the next day the shepherd said to all the villagers “ Wolf, Wolf, WOOOOOOOOOOLF.” But then no villagers came. But when the shepherd looking  into the fields.The sheep dog was barking and the sheep where going crazy. There was really the wolf. So he yelled out “ HELP, HELP, HELP” The sheep are going to get eaten from the wolf. But still no one came.

The Moral of the story is: Never lies once or twice.

Monday, 19 August 2013

The hare and the Tortoise

The Hare and the Tortoise

Paragraph 1: Retell and summarise an Aesop Fable of your choice
The Hare was once boasting of his speed before the other animals. “I have never yet been beaten” he said. I challenge anyone here to race with me.  The Tortoise said quietly, “I accept your challenge.” “That is a good joke,” said the Hare; “I could dance round you all the way. “ Keep your boasting till you've won,” answered the Tortoise. “Shall we race?"”  Of course” said the hair. So a course was fixed and a start was made. The Hare darted almost out of sight at once, but soon stopped and, to show his contempt for the Tortoise. The hare laid down to have a nap. The Tortoise plodded on and plodded on, and when the Hare woke up from his nap, he saw the Tortoise just near the finish line. So the hare ran as fast as he could. But then the tortoise did not  make it  . Then the Tortoise said “Slow but steady progress wins the race”
Paragraph 2: Explain the morale of the fable.
The moral of the story is: If you are faster than someone. It doesn't mean you take a rest by a tree.

Paragraph 3: How does the morale apply to your life? What have you learnt?

Sometimes people will think there faster than you. Sometimes you can beat them in a race.

Friday, 2 August 2013

The Sheep's Clothing

Once upon a time on a hillside, there once lived a wolf that was fat and was always hungry for meat. He lived in a  forest on the hillside. Every morning and night he would try his hardest to get a sheep. But all his plans failed.   

One day he found a sheepskin behind a tree. So he put the sheepskin on and thought of a plan. He said to himself “ What about putting on the sheepskin to disguise myself”. So he disguised himself and went into the pen.     

The wolf said to himself “ I bet nobody will know I am here”. When the wolf was in the pen he was so thrilled to be having sheep for supper. The One day he found a sheepskin behind a tree. So he put the sheepskin on and thought of a plan. He said to himself “ What about putting on the sheepskin to disguise myself”. He was go thirlled stomach went rumble, rumble.

When the sun started to go down the shepherd wanted to have sheep for his supper too.  So he went to his pen and got the fattest sheep of them all. He chosed the wolf. He took him by his hook and took him home for his wife to roast. But when he laid the sheep on the  table the shepherd noticed it was a wolf. The shepherd was terrified but still happy because none of his sheep would get eaten. 

The Moral of the story is to never pretend to be something you are not.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

My brother and len brown the mayor

On Wednesday the Mayor Len Brown came to school. We performed for him at school with alot of people. When we were finish my big brother Toko took at picture with Len Brown.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Rock Paper Scissor

Today after Lunch my Math class
played Rock Paper Scissor.
We played Rock Paper Scissor.

Here is the score. As you can see I am coming first and then rave is coming in last.                                     

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Kelly Tartolns

On July the 1st team 5 went to Kelly tarltons for our first trip this year. We learn all about Antarctica.

Walking in to Kelly Tarltons we stop right next to the counter and got in to our teams with the Parents.  My Parent was Gloria`s uncle.

When we entered the first part of Kelly Tarltons  we could see a lot of things that you could have in Antarctica. Like our food where we sleep and what to wear in that freezing place.

When I was walking I could see this weird thing it look like a Penguin skeleton. So I just look at it and it really did look like a Penguin. So I said “ Gloria look a Penguin Skeleton and she said” That does look like a penguin”

So we carried on to the next thing which I think was the best the Turning Tunnel. When I was standing there I felt like the whole place was turning around. But it wasn't it. It was the tunnel.

So I said “ Ohh my gosh I am getting out of here and see the Penguins. When I saw the Penguins I felt so EXCITED. This was my first time in the world to see a Penguin.

I saw two kinds of Penguins which was the Gentoo Penguin and the King penguin.
I thought the King Penguin was a Adelie Penguin. But really is isn't it. So I went on a I saw one of the Penguin doing a dance so I quickly ran over to and took a video.

Once I took the video it stop and then ran over to my netbook and look at it and started following the netbook. So I went up and down, side to side and it stilled followed it.  

My Book Review

Title: Skater Chicks

Author: Jacqueline Arena

Characters (Jules and Rosa )

Setting (Skate Park. The story was set in the Skate Park. It was set there because there love Skating )

What was the problem? Rosa taught Jules how to Skate on a real saket board.

What was the solution? There both went to the skate park and started skating with friends.  

Was there a plot twist? no they was not a plot twist

My favourite part of the book was? It was when Rosa  
went to the skate park and showed Jule cool skate tricks.   
If I could change the ending it would end like this? I wouldn't change the book because it is good how it is.

Would I read this book again? yes

Illustrate your favourite scene in the story. (Tux Paint)

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Adventure Island Book Review

Title: Survival on Adventure Island

Author: Frances Adlam

Characters (Max Stone, Ruby Jones,)

Setting: On a little Island name Little Island

What was the problem? What will there eat and drink.. How can they make it to the waterfall before super-duper rips and bulging biceps?

What was the solution? Winners or the survival on adventure Island heat: Max stone and Ruby Jones

Was there a plot twist? Airport farewell, The adventure begins, All shape and sizes, The first challenge, A fish feast, Safely swinging, Friendly faces, Some lovely coconuts, A race to the finish.

My favourite part of the book was?  About coming back  to their home.

If I could change the ending it would end like this? Nothing

Would I read this book again? Yes

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Whale Writing

Do you know that the largest whale is a blue whale. There have a thick layer of fat called blubber it keeps them warm under freezing water. There have powerful flippers that helps them steer them self and there body is shaped as a stream lined body.
listen to ‘Puawai whale writing ’ on Audioboo

Friday, 17 May 2013

My Really Big Family

Every afternoon Mr S maths class did digital art. This is mine. I have a really big family. If you look very closely you will see me in one of the photos. 

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Princess Peanut Jam

Once a upon time there was lived a Princess named Peanut Jam. She was called Peanut Jam because one day at her house when she was 1 years old. She did not know what Peanut and Jam was. So then that day she asked her mum if she can have a tasty what peanut butter and jam is. So when she tasted it is so nice she wanted 100 more. So that is how she got her name.

Every year in london on the 7th of may the first day she ate Peanut butter and jam. There would have a Peanut Butter and Jam day.

The first time there had Peanut butter and Jam day. There had a really fun time. Her Mum and Dad had this really big party. There was a pool filled with peanut butter and jam. Princess Peanut Jam really loved her party. She just hanged in the pool with her friend. What a great day she said.

Adelie and Emperor Penguins

Thursday, 9 May 2013

The amazing Antarctica

Antarctica is the coldest place in the world and it is the worlds largest desert to. In Antarctica there are enormous icebergs and it is pack with ice. The weather there is extremely cold.

In Antarctica there are a lot of animals like Whales, Birds, Penguins and even seals. The weather to the animals are okay, but for people it is freezing cold. The animals are called manimals.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Emma the elephant saver

    Emma the elephant saver!!!!!!

Hello everyone, have you ever seen an elephant suck on a power
line?  Well a girl named Emma has.

On one cold and cloudy day Emma was sitting down on her couch listening to her ipod. Well when she was listening to her ipod her mum said “ Emma can you go to the shop get some bread and milk” So she got up pulled her shoes on and went walking.

When she was walking to the shop she saw a little baby elephant stuck on the powerlines. So she walked to the shops and got her the bread and milk.

When she was walking back she she an adult  underneath the powerline crying for it`s baby. So then she ran back home as fast as she could and told her mother that there is a baby elephant up on the powerline and the mother is crying for her.

So then she called the zoo and told them about the elephants. So the zoo keepers a said” We will get dear in a flash” “ Okay then but hurry up because rain is going to pour down. So then they came to our house and asked her if she can go with them to show them where the elephants were. So emma went on the van and showed them where there were.

So there called for a fire energy to get the baby elephant. So when the fire energy came they got the ladder and put it up and got the baby elephant down. So then there put the elephant down and pasted it in a really big box with his mother next to him.

So then the next day the zoo came back to her house and asked her if she wanted to be in the newspaper and she said”YES PLEASE!. So then they went to the zoo and took a picture of her and the elephants.

So when she came back home she saw herself on the newspaper.   


Thursday, 11 April 2013

Brooke`s Calf

Brooke`s Calf
By: Jill MacGregor

Main Characters:
Brooke, Fin

At a farm

Every Tuesday morning farmers bring their animals to sell at the saleyards in levin.

No Problem

She found a healthy little calf.

When her calf grows up into a cow she will  take  the calf to  the show day .

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

My Fiafia Group

         Maori Group

On every Mondays and Thursday my group the maori group has fiafia practice. My mum is our tutor. We call her Whaia Sophie. We are the first group to perform. Because the kapa haka group always welcomes people.

We do four songs. The first songs is for welcoming people in, the other one is a girl haka, the other one is the boys haka and the last one is for welcoming the little ones on the stage. We had a lot of practice.

Our group wears maori customs like a dress, a feather in our hair and even a moko. On Fiafia night my group has to come at 6:00 because put mokos on. I can't wait until Fiafia.       

Thursday, 4 April 2013

My Easter Weekend

On Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday was our school holiday. My family had a Easter hunt on Sunday. We had to find we had to find eighty Easter eggs. All my brothers found 6, 7 ,8 all 2. Well I found ten.

Well we were hunting my mum said “ There is a special prize somewhere by the trees” While my brothers were looking for more eggs I was looking for the special prize. I lookes by the Grapefruit tree, by the orange and by the avocado tree.

So I sat down and had a think about all trees by the house. While I was thinking my brother said “ Mum look there is a peach” So I thought and said “ The peach tree” So I ran as fast as I could and I found a basket with a tea towel over it.

So I looked under the tea towel and screamed “ My I found it” My mum said “ What is it” I said “ IT A KITTEN”  So I pick her up and took her inside. My mum said “ Go on then give her a name” I said “ Girl because her dads name is man and her mum's name is mama so her name is girl.

So I carried of finding for the rest of the easter eggs. I looked behind the trees, behind the house and even inside. While I was looking for the eggs I looked down and saw a egg by the fence. It was the biggest egg I ever saw.

After the hunt my family got to eat a eggs We had heaps of eggs. But I had the most. Well we were eating our eggs my mum told us not to hold the kitten all else it will get sick.
While we were eating my big brother was eating he saw on egg  the fireplace. I looke by the fireplace and saw. So I stood up and went to grab.

I just grabbed it but then he push me over. But my mum told him to give it to me. So then he gave it to. But I said “ You can have it because you are the oldest. So then we ate all of our eggs. That the the bestest easter I ever had.           

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

My Easter Holiday Wordle

Here is the things I got and to do on my Easter Hoiday

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Omaru Creek Testing V2

Testing Omaru Creek

I am going to find out the differences in colour, smell and turbidity of oamaru creek.

I am going to test this by comparing different water samples from different locations along the creek.

Resources and equipment:
Buckets, Jar and Paper.


It smells like Salt
It smelt like Salt
Tap water
It smells like nothing
It smells like nothing
Omaru Creek water by culvert
It smells like Old rubbish
But is really smells like Dead fish
Omaru Creek water by bridge
It smells really Disgusting
nice (but when you shake it and smell it as soon as it opens bad)
Side of the lake
It kinda smells fresh
But it smells like fish

My conclusion (what I found out): I found out that most of my predictions were very  close to my predictions.


Sea water
It loke clearish
It really looks clear
Tap water
It looks clear
It looks clear
Omaru Creek water by culvert
oily leafy heaps rubbish
oily leafy heaps rubbish
Omaru Creek water by bridge
It looks cleanish
But is was kind of dirty
Side of the lake
Murky grey

My conclusion (what I found out): That my predictions were not too far from the observation.


I thought it would be see through (kind of)
It was Totally see through
Tap water
I thought it would be see through
It was see through
Omaru Creek water by culvert
I thought it would not clear at all
It was not clear at all
Omaru Creek water by bridge
I thought it would be see through kind of
It was not clear
Side of the lake
I thought it would be clear
It was cloudy

My conclusion (what I found out): I found out that the water always  moves along the stream so the oil can get to the bridge.