Thursday, 23 August 2012

Cross Country

Last week on Friday we had Cross Country. We had to sit by Room 18 and wait for Mr. Burt. He took as down to the reserve. Well I was walking I felt so scared that I was gonna come last.

Getting ready my heart was beating faster and faster. Mr. Burt had two brick in his hand. He said “Ready set go”. He clap them together and of we went.

I went of running. I was coming last with my friend. I tried to catch with the others up the top. I a lot of muddy patches. I said to one of the telecom helpers” How do you fun this mud”. I was coming in ninth places. My other friend was coming eighth places.

I went thru the bush walk. I went pass my friend and I saw coming eighth places. I went pass Mrs. Squires . I was tired when I got to school. I came to the finish line I was so happy because I came eighth. My brother was cheering for me. Then I went to have a drink. Then I waiting to watch my brother.

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