Tuesday, 2 July 2013

My Book Review

Title: Skater Chicks

Author: Jacqueline Arena

Characters (Jules and Rosa )

Setting (Skate Park. The story was set in the Skate Park. It was set there because there love Skating )

What was the problem? Rosa taught Jules how to Skate on a real saket board.

What was the solution? There both went to the skate park and started skating with friends.  

Was there a plot twist? no they was not a plot twist

My favourite part of the book was? It was when Rosa  
went to the skate park and showed Jule cool skate tricks.   
If I could change the ending it would end like this? I wouldn't change the book because it is good how it is.

Would I read this book again? yes

Illustrate your favourite scene in the story. (Tux Paint)

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