Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The boy who cried wolf

Once upon a time there once live a shepherd that didn`t like his job. All day he will sit down on a chair looking out to his father's sheep and feeling the fresh air blowing into his face. This sheperd would be play with his friends, running and making boyish mischief. While they were working he said to his father“ Can`t the sheep look after themselves, after all they know how to bleat and munch up grass.
But his father said it was very important work to do. But most importantly he has to keep his eyes peeled for the wolf, in case he came sneaking into the fields and grabbed one of the spring lambs. So all day and night the shepherd will look out into the fields for the wolf. So that means he doesn't have any of his sleep.  

So then the next day the shepherd wanted to trick all the villagers. So he got up at 2pm at night  and ran as fast as he could into the village shouting out at the top of his voice “ Wolf ! Wolf WOOOOOOOOOOLF ! So  all the villages woke up and grabbed sticks, rolling pins and pitchforks and came running into the fields. “ Where is it.” said one of the villages. So the shepherd said “ I was just joking.” So all the villages went home.   

So then the next day the shepherd woke up at 2pm and cried out “ Wolf Wolf WOOOOOOOOOOOLF. So all of the villagers can out with some rolling pins and pitchforks. “ Where is, Where is the wolf, Don`t lie” said the villagers. Then the shepherd said “ I was joking again.”

So then the next day the shepherd said to all the villagers “ Wolf, Wolf, WOOOOOOOOOOLF.” But then no villagers came. But when the shepherd looking  into the fields.The sheep dog was barking and the sheep where going crazy. There was really the wolf. So he yelled out “ HELP, HELP, HELP” The sheep are going to get eaten from the wolf. But still no one came.

The Moral of the story is: Never lies once or twice.

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