Tuesday, 17 December 2013

My Netbookl nReflection 2013

I have learned to use my docs, netbook and even knew how to re imagine my own netbook.. I hope next year I will learn how to make better progress in maths, reading and writing.
In the past term I have learn to use Minecraft, solve decimals and solved multiplication and division problems all by myself. I hope that next year I will learn more from my teacher and online.

This year I learn a lot from my friends like our prizegiving dance, learning new strategies and playing new game together. I hope next we
will all learn more things next year. I love learning from my family as well. When I am stuck on my work or I am angry my family always help me try and try harder.

This year I taught some year 6 and 5s how to use there chromebook and netbook.. I taught some kids to be respect and co-operate together. This year i have learn a lot of the internet. This year I have learn to use the tamaki college library.   

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