Friday, 22 August 2014

How drugs can ruined your life?

This term we went to the life education caravan and talk about drugs. Because drugs can ruined your life. Here is a paragraph I made about how drugs can ruined your life.

Not everyone is made for drugs. Because drugs can damage your brain and there can ruined your life. Drugs don`t choose people, people choose drugs.

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Caleb Fleming said...

Puawai I agree one hundred percent that drugs ruins lives. I myself have never done any drugs because one my religion and two because i have seen many peoples lives ruined by drugs. My best friends mom was very addicted to drugs. One day we , me and her kids, went to her and demanded that she go into a rehabilitation clinic for help. She went and after six months she became drug free. She has stayed drug free ever since her rehabilitation. One day ,years later, she came up tome and told me how much she loves me for changing her life.

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