Monday, 25 May 2015

Puawai Future Aspiration

Today at school 3 special visitors came to our school to talk about their Future Aspiration. What is Future Aspiration? Well Future Aspiration means looking into the Future and aiming for you goal in life. In your life you have to strive to succeeded.

Our 3 special visitors were Marcus Winter, Louis Gordon-Latty and Andrew Patterson. Marcus Winter “ The Sandman”, Louis Gordon-Latty “ Glory League” and Andrew Patterson “ The Speaker.

The first presenter was Marcus Winter. Marcus Winter is a sand artist. When he was in primary he was a painstakingly (very slow writer) writer. When he was in primary he was in the extension class. He thought that he was one of the brainiest in his school. But when he found that extension is for all the dumb people.

Our final presenter was Louis Gordon-Latty. Louis Gordon-Latty is a man who loves to play basketball even when he was 5 years old. He told us about an invention he made up that involves an iPad. This invention was made to record people while they're playing basketball. How it works, well it works when the judges press a button then the iPad starts recording, and it stops when the judges press another button and then the iPad sends an email to everyone who was playing basketball.

The speaker was Andrew Patterson. Andrew Patterson talked about quotes. One of the quotes are “ Do more of what makes you awesome” and “ You don't remember what people said, you don't remember what they did BUT you do remember how they made you fell” I enjoyed listening to them all.

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