Friday, 31 July 2015

Reality Trip

On the show Reality Trip there were 5 New Zealanders. Their names were Stephanie who was 21, Anna who was 19, Stevie who was 21, Peter who was 22 and Kieran who was 25. Their all had to travel to asia to experience what life is in Manila. The most shocking thing was that their had to make coils for hard drive. 

The hard thing about it was that their had to make 300 coils in one hour. Nearly of the people are financially responsible. Except for one girl. That girl is Stephanie. This girl will always buy stuff. Like clothes, jewelry and make up. This girl spent $200 dollars on jewelry. $2000 is 9 months of what their earn. 

The 2 thing I have learnt is to always be financially responsible, spend your money on wise things

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