Wednesday, 24 October 2012

My Narrative Story at the beach

Walking with my family we were going to Pt England Reserve to  have a swim and picnic. Dancing to the beach I said happily“ I can`t  wait to get there mum” When we got there I was excited. I waited for mum to give my togs. Off I went running to the toilets to get charge.

Running towards the water I saw my brother Toko who did a big boom and made me get wet it was fun. I jumped in and did a boom. I did it over and over again. Mum said “Come and have some lunch now”. So I went to have some lunch.

After I was eating I went to go have fun. When I did a boom my tummy felt sore. I said sadly to mum “ I have a sore tummy. Mum said “ You have a sore stomach because when you eat at the beach and then go for a swim you feel sick, that`s why you have to wait for a little while then go and have fun.”

Then we went back home because I had a sore stomach. My brothers and sisters were crying even my big brothers I said “ Sorry for doing that”

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Anonymous said...

Hi Te Puawaitanga, I remember that day at the beach we did have alot of fun but the main reason we came home was because we had stayed there for nine hours. I loved the way you wrote your story you used wonderful sentence structures.

Love mum

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