Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Walking through a lot of snow, down a narrow alleyway surrounded by big buildings, a little girl named Alma, who was five years old, saw a big chalkboard filled with names. Seeing so many names, she decided to add her name too. Picking up the chalk she wrote her name on the board. She spelled it out loud A.L.M.A.

While writing down her name, she heard a weird noise. Alma looked around, no one was there so she carried on. Moments later she heard the weird sound again. She turned around and Alma saw a doll that looked the same as her.

Running towards the window, Alma looked closely and it did look just like her. She wiped off the frost from the window,  she saw other dolls. As Alma tried to open the door it didn't open for her, she picked up a snowball and threw it.   

Suddenly the door opened and Alma walked inside. Looking all over the place, she saw a lot of dolls. Alma felt so scared. She thought in her head that she was only here for the doll.  Going towards the doll, Alma hit another doll on the ground. She picked it up.  It pedalled around in circles and then went straight for the door.

The door  slammed in its face and Alma thought it looked like it was trying to escape. She turned back, but saw nothing, her doll  was no longer there. Alma looked up on the shelves  and there it was.

Alma walked up to the shelves, she climbed on a couch. Looking at the doll, Alma carefully touched it. As she touched it’s face she heard a loud noise ZAP!!!! Alma looked around. She was so scared, she didn't know where she was. Alma was Feeling so scared  and all Alma could move was her eyes. Alma looked around and all other dolls were moving their eyes and looking at her.

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