Tuesday, 11 December 2012

2012 Manaiakalani Reflection

This year is different for me because when I was a year 4 in room 11 I did not know how to write stories probably. But when I got my my netbook Miss King show us how to do good and exciting words and paragraphs.

I think that learning is fun. On our netbooks and blogs we learn, Create and Share to the world.

2012 has surprised me because we have our own netbook and Miss KIng was my teacher.

What I would do more this year is to P.E,Music and Dancing.

My goals for 2012 is to speak loud and clear. But the one the I need to work on is making sense.

Having a netbook is fun because we learn,create and share online with the world.

The best thing for being a year 5 is we learn how to make movies and edit them.

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