Thursday, 14 February 2013

My First week of a year 6

On the first week as a year 6 my teacher is Miss Garden. A Lot of kids wanted to be in Mr S class. The first day was a cool day. But the best day was on Thursday because we walked around Omaru creek.

On Thursday morning my Literacy teacher Mr Marks took us for a walk to Omaru Creek. We started at Elstree road which was where the creek started.  I was waking throw a lot of bushes and I saw taniwha road where all the other kids were.

Mr Marks told us to keep on moving. So we all started to walk down throw the creek and we walked on to the Bridge. We saw a lot of things like tadpoles and a lot of planets.

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Taylor Rounsaville said...

Hi Te Puawai! My name is Taylor Rounsaville. I really enjoyed reading about your first week of school! The walk around the creek sounded really fun! I wish I would have been able to do things like that when I was in school. I love going on walks and seeing all the nature around places like ponds and creeks. I hope the rest of year 6 goes well for you! Keep up the good work!

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