Monday, 4 March 2013

My Writing test

Here is my Writing test.  If this is boring check out my edit one.

It was just the same normal day in room 17. Kids going of to there Literacy classes. Doing their work and do reading with their teacher.

While we were doing our work something mystery happen. All the computers disappeared,  netbooks,even the teachers disappeared. We were so sad because there netbooks were gone and because the teachers were gone.

While Paige, Mao, Nikki, Ata and Me walked around the school there were hardly no teacher in their classes. So we walked into the senior block and we saw all the senior shouting “ YEAH NO TEACHERS” So all 5 of us had a clue.

We walked over to house to asked if they can come to be a reliever. But no adults were at their home. So were all shouted out “ DEAR GOD PLEASE MAY YOU HELP US FIND OUR TEACHERS, COMPUTERS AND NETBOOKS” But then all of a sudden something weird happen.

There was a rainbow that appeared. So all 5 of us ran back to school as fast as we could and saw the Teachers, Netbooks and Computers back.

What a day I said to my friends what a day. So we all kept doing our things. But then the next day our chairs disappeared. But I said “ Lets don`t do it save it for another person.

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