Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Top Town

On Wednesday my school had camp. Our first activity was Top Town with Mr Jacobson. We were versing the band. Mr Jacobson was telling us how to do the game.  It was long but we stilled fun. When he finish explaining the our team about the game. We went to fill up some water balloons.

When we started the game we first had to do the boards. There were 3 boards. Some  kids had to go on one of the boards and throw the other on in front of them. One person had to be at the back and pull it around us and put in in the front of the other people.

When we got to the other side he had to throw our water balloons to the band.  I only got to throw one because all the others were in the way. We were the wettest ones. So we went to the next one which was the skies. We had a great Idea. We grab the wood and put in front of us. Just like we did with the boards. So all of us got over to the other side.

Then we had to do the mountain. We had to go under and out. Our tarpaulin broke. Then we move onto the the gumboots. We had to throw into the hula hoop.

We had to get it in 10 times. I got it in 2 times and some kids got it in more. When we finish that we went the slingshot. It was when we had to throw tennis balls in it and it flies to the other tarpaulin. When we got it on 5 times we had to do all the things all over again. When we did all the 5 things we went to put up the flag and we won.

Top Town from Team 3 PES on Vimeo.

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