Tuesday, 18 September 2012


At school we have to famous men who comes and dose Basketball with us there names are Tai and Brook. Every Thursday we have Basketball with them . Last week on Thursday was our last day of Basketball. We first did  warm ups then some drills then a game.

When we went on the court we got straight into our game. I said in my head “ Why aren't we doing some drills and warm ups”. I asked Tai “ Why aren't we doing some drills first. He said “ Because it is the last day of Basketball. I said “ Ohhhhh.

Then we played our games we played Tunnel ball and Overhead first. Then we played a shooting game we had to go around the cones. Then we played our last game. When we played our last game it was fun. Then the bell went it was time to go to class. The whole class said “bye Tai and Brook. It was fun.

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Twitter -anna_faggard said...

Hi Te Puawai! My name is Anna. I live in the United States and I am currently attending the University of South Alabama, so I can become an elementary teacher. I really enjoyed reading your blog, you did a really good job. How long have you played basketball? Do you play any other sports? When I was younger I liked playing softball, I was never good at basketball. I hope you have a great week, and thank you for sharing your story!

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