Monday, 10 September 2012

Netball Prize giving

On Saturday I had a prize giving down to the A.S.B netball courts. I woke up and said dad I have to met at school to have a prize giving down at the netball courts in Glen innes. I had a shower then had my breakfast. Then I was ready. My dad said “ bye darling have a great time” I went of walking.

When I near school I thought no one was there but then I saw Iron and her sister zion. So Iron told Miss Va’afusuaga our sports teacher. I went to go get change.
Then we were waiting for Miss Squires. Miss Squires went to go pick me up at my house but I was already at school. “Wast a time” I said in my head. Then Miss Squires came back. It was time to go to the courts.

When we got there we went inside. We sat for a little while and waited for the lady. It started. First the year 1 went up and carrying on with the other years then it was our turn. We got up in a line then walk up onto the stage . We got our meals and then took a picture of my netball team. Then it was time to go back home. It was fun getting our meals.           

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