Monday, 17 September 2012

Farewell Mrs Verry

On Friday we had a special Assembly for Mrs Verry. She was leaving because her knee was broken. When I walked through the door I saw Mr Burt with a wig on and cool glasses because Mrs Verry loves bling. All the other teachers were wearing bling.   

 At assembly Mr Burt told us that she was his neighbor and she was a child supporter. Everyday she wears bling. That's why Mr Burt calls her the Queen of Bling and she's Pt England's super gran. We had two groups who got up to perform.  They were the junior  pounamua group and the Samoa girls to say goodbye.

First Mr Burt played a movie and then the 
 Junior Pounamua group up and did a Haka. Then the Samoa girls went up. They had pretty clothes and necklaces on. Then they were finished. Mrs Verry was crying. Then Mr Burt asked her to do a speech. Then assembly was finish. I said " I MISS YOU MISS VERRY!!!!!!!!!   

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